AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure for Children to Play Together, 5 Year Warranty included.

The octagonal trampoline does not have roll together, several children bouncing at the same time won't land in a heap on top of each other with the AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline in fact only octagonal trampolines prevent roll together, also octagonal trampolines have amazing bounce if your looking to buy an outdoor trampoline for gymnastics for your little girl or trick jumps for the boys then buy the AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline.
AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Children Play Together.

Children Play Together

No need to worry about your lawn with the AirKing Octagonal 10ft Trampoline, with the large legs your trampoline will sit on top of the grass and not sink in damaging your lawn, you can push the assembled trampoline around your lawn and the big legs will slide over the grass without leaving muddy marks, even if your lawn is more moss than grass.

This is a strong trampoline capable of supporting a trampoline jumper of 24 stone in weight so everyone can use this trampoline, for example the loops on the trampoline mat which are stitched in place and attach to the trampoline springs could be stitched tom the trampoline with one row of stitching but AirKing use 10 rows of perimeter stitching, that's 10 times the strength of some other brands of trampoline and goes to show you AirKings commitment to quality trampolines that will last for many years.

The trampoline legs and frame are rust proof and carry a 5 year warranty, leave the trampoline outside in the garden in all weathers, sunshine, rain and snow, the trampoline rubber mat is UV protected and won't fade or crack in sunlight and is made of a rubber weave that lets water pass through the surface leaving the trampoline dry immediately after rain.
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