AirKing Octagonal 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

AirKing Octagonal 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure for Sale, the Childrens Party Outdoor Trampoline with Free Delivery.

Having a childrens party and don't know how to keep the kids entertained, buy the AirKing Octagonal 12ft Trampoline and not only have you solved your childrens party entertainment crisis but you also have something all the children can do outside in the garden so your house won't get turned upside down whilst you host the party.
AirKing Octagonal 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Childrens Party Outdoor Trampoline.

Childrens Party Outdoor Trampoline

With a 12 foot trampoline your children and their friends can all bounce together, a safety enclosure is included and can be attached to the outside edge of the trampoline, its not compulsory to fit the safety enclosure although it is included with the trampoline and is certainly advisable for the children, the safety enclosure is like a big fabric fence that stops children either accidentally falling off or deliberately trying to jump off by forcing them gently back into the middle of the trampoline should they venture too close to the edge.

The safety enclosure has a fabric door fastened closed with a toggle which is an excellent way to control entry and exit to the trampoline so parents can limit the number of children on the trampoline at any one time and ensure similar aged children are bouncing together whilst children that are much older or younger wait for their turn.

The trampoline has a waterproof trampoline surface made from a polypropylene rubber weave which allows rain water to pass straight through the rubber weave surface so he trampoline is dry and ready for use straight after a rain shower.

The large legs won't damage your lawn as the legs sit on the grass and don't sink through, adults can easily push the trampoline around the lawn without tearing the lawn, giving grass underneath the trampoline time to recover or just to mow the lawn.

Delivered free of charge with a 5 year warranty.
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