AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure for Sale, the Home Trampoline that's Hardwearing and will give Many Years of Service.

Want to buy a home trampoline that will give many years of service in your garden out in all weathers, a trampoline that comes with a record breaking 5 year warranty, free delivery and low price then buy the AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline.
AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Home Trampoline.

Home Trampoline

The AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline is designed for the home, designed for kids to be jumping on and climbing all over, all the hard surfaces are covered in closed cell protection mats, all poles are covered in foam, the edge of the trampoline is protected and has a safety enclosure to act as a physical barrier so kids can't fall off or jump off.

Its a strong trampoline with a very impressive 10 rows of stitching holding the springs to the trampoline mat, many low quality trampolines will use far fewer rows of stitching resulting in trampolines that just don't last.

The AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline also has UV protected materials that won't fade in sunlight or crack, the legs and frame have an anti-rust proof coating and the trampoline mat drains easily so it won't become water logged and start to rot, leave the trampoline out all year round no matter what the weather.

The AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline is supplied flat packed for home assembly in the garden, assembly should take one hour and all the tools you will need are provided, assembly is just a case of following the instructions and simply clear instructions, 'fit tube A inside tube B and tighten with the bolt' is as hard as it gets.

The large legs won't damage your grass and you can place the trampoline on concrete, grass, sand, wood chip, decking, slate, gravel, shingle and many other surfaces as long as they are stable and compact with weight.

Delivery is free and the new low price has made the AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline a best seller.
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