Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike.

Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike with Built In Speakers For Your MP3 Player.

If you don't like to wear headphones when you're on your exercise bike because they keep falling out your ears or you just don't like sweaty earphones then take a look at the Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike as it has built in stereo speakers and a jack plug that plugs into your MP3 players headphone socket so your music comes out of the stereo speakers that are located on either side of the front console.
Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike, Built In Speakers.

Built In Speakers, For Your MP3 Player

With super quiet electronic magnetic resistance the Body Sculpture BC-7100GHGS Programmable Magnetic Bike makes no noise so you can hear your music without vibration or rubbing sounds that you're probably used to on your old exercise bike.

If you like to exercise in the quiet or watch TV without exercise bike noises then this exercise bike is for you and with a flat display and handlebars you can prop a magazine or newspaper over the handlebars if you prefer to read whilst your cycle.

With 4 individual user settings and a programmable exercise programme option any changes that you make to the exercise programmes or anything you entered such as your weight for the calorie counter or your age for the pulse rate or your maximum heart rate that you want to exercise too or your maximum speed and time preferences can all be saved under your user profile and instantly recalled when you next sit down at the exercise bike and its not just one person that can record all their data but up to 4 different people so its ideal for the whole family, its like having 4 exercise bikes in one.

The easy to read display had a dual backlit light meaning its as easy to read in bright light as it is in no light and the display can be read at an angle too for those who like to stand on the pedals and cycle standing up.
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