Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer.

Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer with High Specification and Touch Sensitive Screen Computer.

The Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer is a high specification elliptical cross trainer with dual handlebars and a hi-spec touch sensitive exercise computer and screen that's mounted between the handlebars where its easy to see and easy to operate whilst your exercising.
Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer, High Specification.

High Specification, With Touch Sensitive Screen Computer

Made from a strong steel alloy the Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer is sturdy and does not flex or bend when you stand on it no matter how vigorous your exercise and the electronic magnetic resistance system means that the elliptical trainer is very quiet in use and provides a consistent resistance level if you have ever thought that one elliptical trainer at the gym was harder to use than another one even though they where both on the same setting then you would have been right as mechanical resistance is notoriously inaccurate but electronic resistance systems as used on the Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer are accurate and consistent.

Hand pulse sensors are built into the handlebars these measure the pulse rate in your hands and display your pulse rate on screen warning you if your pulse rate goes too low or too high and the calorie display no the exercise computer screen shows you how many calories your burning through exercise and is a great way to keep your motivation if your trying to lose weight as your actually see the calories your burning count up on the exercise computer screen.

There are 21 exercise programmes built into the elliptical trainer and these programmes are all different and all designed to help you lose weight and tone your body as well as helping you to maintain your motivation and keep you interested in exercising.

The elliptical trainer is dark grey and silver in colour and would look good in any home and certainly be a talking point as it looks very hi-tech.
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