Body Sculpture BSB 1400 Pilates Trainer.

Body Sculpture BSB 1400 Pilates Trainer for Sale with Yoga and Pilates Trainer DVD Included, the Pilates and Yoga Machine Holds your Body in the Correct Position whilst your Exercise.

Want to learn Pilates or Yoga but just don't know where to start, not sure how to get the correct position, not sure if you're doing it right, then buy the Body Sculpture BSB 1400 Pilates Trainer, not only do you get a DVD to show you how to do the exercises using the Pilates and Yoga trainer but you also get the training machine too, with the training machine follow along to the DVD and you are guaranteed to be in the correct position as the Palliates trainer forces you into the correct position.
Body Sculpture BSB 1400 Pilates Trainer, Yoga and Pilates Trainer DVD Included.

Yoga and Pilates Trainer DVD Included

As the names suggest it's like having your own Yoga trainer or Pilates trainer telling you what to do and making sure you're doing it right, ideal for home use when you don't want to or can't attend a Pilates or Yoga class.

The handles, seat and leg bars are all adjustable with hand wheels so its easy to tailor the training machine to your exact size, your get into shape using this trainer, toning muscles, improving balance and improving your state of mind as the Yoga and Pilates process is designed to be calming and soothing taking away the stresses of the day and helping you achieve not only a better body but a calmer and more peaceful mind, your learn more as you watch the DVD which is very engaging and will have you watching again and again long after you know the exercises by heart.

The Pilates and Yoga trainer has safety foam on the leg bars and a comfortable seat and backrest that will leave you happy to exercise for extended periods of time, the handlebars have safety foam too and the whole machine is silver metal in colour with black padding looking very professional and high tech.

Delivered by courier for free with a 12 month warranty and now with a reduced price.
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