BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch Bar and Weight Set.

BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch Bar and Weight Set for Sale with Long Bars and Dumbbell Bars, the Home Weight and Bar Set.

If you want to weight train at home your going to need a set of weights, no matter of you want to train with free weights (unsupported weights) like barbells and dumbbells or you want to use a weight bench, your still going to need a good set of barbells and dumbbells, ideally with interchangeable weights on the bars so you can make up bars with any amount of weight on the bar you like and that's exactly what you get with the BodyTrain 100kg dumbbell and barbell weight set.
BodyTrain 100kg 1 Inch Bar and Weight Set, Long Bars and Dumbbell Bars.

Long Bars and Dumbbell Bars

There's 28 weights supplied (14 weight sets) and you can use any of the weights on any of the bars, you can put heavy weights on the long bars and light weights on the short bars or any combination you like.

Incidentally long bars are called barbells and short bars are called dumbbells in case you didn't know, both the dumbbells and barbells have a screw collar which simply tightens hand tight and holds the weights in place very securely and very safely, its quick and easy to unscrew the collar ad your weight and screw back the collar, you only need to tighten the screw collar hand tight.

The barbells and dumbbells (short bars and long bars) are a very pleasing bright chrome silver in colour, this colour won't rust off or tarnish the bars will always look like new, the weights are heavy set black paint, this is the thicker anti-chip paint that won't chip or scratch off, so the beautiful black weights will always look black even after many years of service.

You get free courier delivery on this weight set, so you don't have to worry about the cost of delivery for over 100kg of weights.

Delivered free of charge with a one year warranty.
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