BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike for Sale, the New Design Exercise Bike with Heart Rate Control, Body Fat Measurement, Pulse Reader and 4 Different User Accounts.

The BodyTrain IS650 Exercise Bike is BodyTrain's top of the range model with many great features that make your exercise bike so much more enjoyable, you can share this exercise bike with your whole family as all the settings can be saved under 4 different user profiles, so if you like fast cycling and your husband likes slow cycling you can each save your settings so you have a cycling course tailored just for you.
BodyTrain IS650 Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, New Design Exercise Bike.

New Design Exercise Bike

The BodyTrain IS650 Exercise Bike has sensors built into the handlebars which measure the pulse in the palms of your hands, your heart rate is then calculated from the pulse information and then your heart rate can actually be used to control the exercise bike, making your cycling easier or harder depending on your heart rate, just like having your own personal trainer encouraging you to work harder and looking after you if you need to cool down.

The handlebar sensors can also measure your body fat, do this each week and over time your see your fat levels reduce, it's a great way to actually record your progress and keep motivated to work harder on your exercise bike.

With 16 levels of resistance you can choose from there's a setting for everyone from easy cycling to road races, to uphill to lose weight, build muscle and many more resistance levels and customised exercise programmes.

The BodyTrain IS650 Exercise Bike uses a magnetic resistance system which make the bike totally quiet, no noise, vibrations or mechanical sounds as you exercise and if you like the peace and quiet whilst you cycle, time to think and clear your head then the BodyTrain IS650 Exercise Bike is the one to buy.

Delivered free of charge with a one year warranty.
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