BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike with Multi Position Handlebars for Classic Bicycle, Racing Bike and Standing Up.

However you like to use your home exercise bike the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike the features you need from a classic bicycle handlebar to racing handlebars to standing up handlebars the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike uses a multi position handlebar that accommodates all styles of riding.
BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike, Multi Position Handlebars.

Multi Position Handlebars, Classic Bicycle, Racing Bike, Standing Up

There's 16 exercise programmes built into the exercise computer which is combined with a digital display and mounted between the handlebars where its easy to see and easy to operate whilst your cycling, the exercise programmes are all different and all have different exercise goals like losing weight, racing bike, burning calories, muscle strengthening, muscle tone, increasing cardio and many more.

Because the exercise programmes are different not only do you have more exercise choices but you won't get bored doing the same routines every time you cycle and with a 7kg flywheel inside the exercise bike cycling feels like real cycling with a smooth flowing movement from the flywheel simulating real wheels on a real road.

The digital display and buttons are large and suitable for everyone from the young to the elderly as the buttons are easy to press and identify even when your cycling fast.

With pulse sensors in the handlebars simply hold the handlebars to see your pulse rate displayed on screen and an on screen warning if your pulse rate should become too low or too high.

The large pedals have foot straps and will easily accommodate large as well as small feet with a UK size 13 trainer being no problem and with the foot straps holding your feet on the pedals you can pedal with the ball of your foot which is where the power is developed on the pedal rather than with your toes which can lead to sprains.
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