BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill.

BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill for Sale, the Home Treadmill with Vital Sign Heart Rate Monitoring.

Looking for a home treadmill that's got some great features and a super low price then take a look at the BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill which has pulse sensors in the handlebars and displays your heart rate BPM on the computer screen.
BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill, Home Treadmill.

Home Treadmill

With a maximum user weight of 14 stone the whole family can run or walk on this treadmill and with a maximum running speed of 7.5 mph your going to have to be pretty fast to keep up with the machine on full power, of course the speed is fully adjustable and you can go just as fast or slow as you like.

The large 16 inch wide by 41 inch long running deck is big enough for everyone, your have plenty of room to spread yourself out and walk or run in comfort without feeling cramped and like your running in a box.

The large running deck folds upwards when the treadmill is not in use, giving you back your floor space, the raising and lowering mechanism for the treadmill is hydraulic so there's no effort to fold or unfold the treadmill on your part.

A 6 point suspension system provides shock absorption for the treadmill running deck, if you have sore knees, joints, legs or thighs from running or walking then this might be due to the shock injury of running pr walking with a shock absorption system, with the BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill every step is fully shock absorbed by six independent shock absorbing devices.

An emergency stop button with a safety cord is included, if you want to stop in a hurry simply pres the big orange emergency stop button in front of you on the console, alternatively use the safety cord, hold or attach the cord to your belt and should you lose your balance and fall or stray off the running deck the emergency cord will be pulled shutting down the treadmill quickly.
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