Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate.

Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate for Sale, this Stand On Vibration Machine offers Whole Body Massage and Exercise.

Buy the Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate if you're looking for a tough vibration plate that you can stand on and get a full powerful vibration exercise and vibration massage.
Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate, Stand On Vibration Machine.

Stand On Vibration Machine

The large vibration plate is easy to stand on, you won't fall off and your feel steady, no matter what size your feet, with a maximum user weight standing on the vibration plate of 16 stone everyone can use the Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate.

The Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate will measure your body fat levels too, this is great for checking your weightless and fitness progress over the coming weeks and watching your fat levels go down, simply hold the handlebars and the fat scan will display a BMI Body Mass Index reading of your fat levels, this is possible because the Bodytrain 1500w Black Vibration Plate has resistance sensors which can measure your fat levels and when your holding the handlebars these sensors start to work.

The three easy to read digital displays show you everything you need to know in one go without needing to cycle through details as other vibration plate manufacturers who have only included one digital display must do, you can easily see the time you have been using the vibration plate, the speed you have selected for the vibrations and your fat levels from the body scan sensor.

There's also a auto massage button which will put the vibration plate into full body massage mode and is an ideal way to relieve tired aching feet, thighs and legs.

There are 50 vibration speed levels to choose from, select a vibration level your comfortable with and the power of the vibrations you want to use and then simply start exercising as you would for floor exercises, do knee raises, leg stretches, arm stretches, squats, sit-ups, press ups calf raises, lunges and any of your favourite exercise either completely on the vibration plate or half on and half off, the vibrations passing through your muscles as you exercise will increase the effectiveness of your exercise three fold, so its like doing 3 exercise repetitions when you have only had to do one.
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