Bremshey Explorer Front Cross Trainer.

Bremshey Explorer Front Cross Trainer with Pulse Rate and Body Fat Measurement Without Wires Whilst You Cycle.

The Bremshey Explorer Front Cross Trainer can measure your pulse rate and even your body fat without wires or struck on sensor pads as the measurement is done through sensors built into the softy grip handlebars so all you need do is hold the handlebars whilst you exercise and your heart rate and body fat measurements will be displayed on the built in digital display screen.
Bremshey Explorer Front Cross Trainer, Pulse Rate, Body Fat Measurement.

Pulse Rate, Body Fat Measurement, Without Wires Whilst You Cycle

The Bremshey Explorer Front Cross Trainer is extremely strong and well built its all metal construction and tough scratch and chip proof covering means it will stand up to the knocks and bangs of use at home and with transport wheels on the front foot you can lift the cross trainer up from one end and wheel it around your home so its easy to move and store.

The Bremshey Explorer Front Cross Trainer features a large front mounted flywheel that makes the cross trainer movements smooth as your individual steps and movements are ironed out by the flywheel into one steady elliptical movement and with the flywheel at the front rather than the back the distance between the two pedals is smaller so you won't feel like your legs are being stretched apart which is an important feature especially if you have small legs.

The handlebar height is fully adjustable so you can move the handlebars up or down to match your own height so you won't be reaching upwards to reach the handlebars or stooping downwards to reach the handlebars.

The sturdy 'H' frame feet ensure that the cross trainer won't vibrate or tip over no matter how hard you like to cross train.

The three colour digital display has graphics too showing you your exercise programme as a series of different height bar charts so you can see the effort level required for each stage of exercise.
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