Care Elliptical Trainer Ixos Motorised.

Care Elliptical Trainer Ixos Motorised with 7 Digital Displays, See All Your Data At Once.

The Care Elliptical Trainer Ixos Motorised as the name suggests has electronically controlled resistance levels which can be adjusted automatically by the exercise machine or by you using the keys below the digital display the resistance levels are not manual there are no old fashioned dials to turn or levers to pull the resistance selection is 100% electronic and with 7 large digital displays plus a digital speedo and graphical exercise programme view which shows the exercise programme as a bar chart you have all the data you need on screen at the same time to see exactly how your progressing.
Care Elliptical Trainer Ixos Motorised, 7 Digital Displays.

7 Digital Displays, See All Your Data At Once

The advantage of having many digital displays is that you can see all your exercise data at the same time many elliptical trainers only have one digital display and use a scanning mode whereby for a minute they show you one piece of data like your time and then for the next minute they show you your speed but with so many pieces of data to show it can be several minutes before you see the only piece of data your interested in if for example your using the built in pulse sensor to monitor your pulse rate its unacceptable to only see your pulse rate update every few minutes.

What you need is multiple screen so you can constantly see all your data at once and preferably several different pieces of data at the same time so for example you can monitor your heart rate and monitor your speed so you can see how the two interrelate and that's exactly what you get with the Care Ixos Elliptical Trainer you can see speed, calories, time, distance, body mass (BMI), power (watts) and pulse rate all on the screen at the same time.
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