Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine.

Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine the Quiet Rower that's Portable and Folding.

For a portable rowing machine that folds away when not in use yet when unfolded is a full size rowing machine with a 7kg flywheel and is quiet thanks to the electronic magnetic resistance system then take a look at the Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine with a long aluminium beam that's designed to be smooth and have a low drag coefficient you can really row fast and with an adjustable resistance wheel located on the body of the rowing wheel just below the built-in digital display you have all the controls you need for an excellent rowing session.
Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine, Quiet Rower.

Quiet Rower, Portable, Folding

The LED display uses large numerals so its easy to read even when rowing fast and on the back stroke furthest away from the rowing machine body and with a big red coloured mode button on the display its easy to change between time, stroke count, total rowing strokes, calories and pulse rate just by punching the button as your rowing backwards and forwards and with a scan mode you can have the digital display scan through all available readings one by one so your always aware of your rowing stats.

The Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine folds away when not in use making it very easy to store even in a small room and easy to transport too in the boot of a car or on the back seat, to fold the rower simply lift up the long beam and the hinge that joins the beam to the body of the rower will fold locking the long beam into an upright position ready for storage.

With a 7kg flywheel the motion you feel through the rowing machine handle feels natural and as if you're rowing on water as the flywheel provides that natural feel or motion that you just can't get from other mechanical systems.
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