Cintura Sports Racing Bike.

Cintura Sports Racing Bike for Sale, the Spinning Bike and Gym Bike.

If you're looking for a high quality racing bike, just like the spinning bikes your see in the gym then buy the Cintura Sports Racing Bike for use at home, its high quality and long lasting design will give you many years of use and with the discounted price it's an absolute bargain and you get free delivery too.
Cintura Sports Racing Bike, Spinning Bike.

Spinning Bike

For a real spinning bike feel you have a 20kg metal flywheel on the front of the spinning bike, your go fast and cycle hard with the extra stability the flywheel gives you, its the closest thing to road racing as the flywheel inertia makes the racing bike feel like it really does have wheels.

Racing style handlebars feature pulse sensors which will measure your pulse and display this information as your heart rate on the digital display included.

On the angled cross frame between your legs is the emergency brake, this red coloured brake will immediately stop the bike in the event of any trouble or concerns, next to the brake is a water bottle that's included free of charge, The digital display will even show you the number of calories your burning whilst you cycle, if your following a calorie controlled diet this will be vital information to help you lose weight.

The professional pedals can be worn with the pedal strap around your feet or you can decide not to use the peddle strap if you prefer just to keep your feet on top of the pedals.

The spinner is easy to move simply lift up the back of the bike and transport wheels at the front touch the floor so you can wheel the exercise bike around the house and garden easily.

The large and comfortable seat is padded and can be adjusted for height and reach so whether your tall, short, fat or thin the Cintura Sports Racing Bike is the one to buy especially with the discounted price and free delivery.
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