Cintura Sports iVibrate Vibration Plate.

Cintura Sports iVibrate Vibration Plate for Sale, the Easy Exercise Vibration Plate that's 3 Times as Effective as Exercise Alone.

Buy the Cintura Sports iVibrate Vibration Plate and your get a vibration plate that will get you fit, toned, in shape and losing weight three times faster than exercise alone, that's because the unique vibrations multiple the effort your making in exercising whilst standing, sitting or lying on the vibration plate so its like doing three times the number of exercises.
Cintura Sports iVibrate Vibration Plate, Easy Exercise Vibration Plate.

Easy Exercise Vibration Plate

With no handlebars in the way you can lye down on the vibration plate and exercise your tummy or your bottom get a tones and shaped tummy or bottom just by lying down, perform stretches and curls on the vibration plate and any floor based exercises and the effort you make will be magnified three times.

When not in use you can easily store the Cintura Sports iVibrate Vibration Plate under your bed or in the wardrobe, there's even a remote control included at no extra charge so if your standing on the vibration plate you don't have to bend down to reach the controls.

You get 50m different speed settings to choose from with a high quality 200 watt motor that ensures the vibrations are powerful yet smooth and with a maximum vibration plate user weight of 16 stone everyone in the family can use the vibration plate tom tone, shape and lose weight.

Simply stand on the vibration plate to ease the days standing up, been on your feet all day then enjoy vibration exercise of your feet and legs to rejuvenate tired legs and feet as well as shape and firm.

3 digital displays are included so no slow scanning modes are required you can see the exercise programme you have selected, the time remaining and the speed and intensity of the vibrations all from the one display console.

Delivery is free and there's a free 12 month warranty too as well as a new lower price.
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