Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike the Home Exercise Bike with Free Delivery, One Year Warrenty and Strong 16 Stone Maximum Rider Weight.

The Cintura Tempest Exercise Bike is a smart looking exercise bike in white with orange highlights around the pedal area and side, this is a very strong exercise bike suitable for home use with a maximum rider weight of 16 stone.
Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, Home Exercise Bike.

Home Exercise Bike

Manufactured from 1.5 mm thick steel plate with large legs for maximum stability, you won't fall off no matter how vigorous you cycle, the pedals are non-slip too and come with adjustable foot straps so you can ride like a professional, some people don't like to put their feet in pedal foot straps and of course you don't have to use then pedal straps if you don't want too.

The seat can be moved up and down as you would expect but also forwards and backwards bringing the seat closer or further away from the handlebars, if you're pregnant or overweight your appreciate the extra room that moving the seat back can have allowing you to sit comfortably without finding your stomach too close to the handlebars.

The exercise bike uses magnetic resistance for the resistance to your cycling, this is nearly silent in operation and your appreciate the quiet operation of the bike with no vibrations, whirring or other mechanical noises, the magnetic system has few moving parts and that means the Cintura Tempest Exercise Bike will last longer than other exercise bikes available, there's a full one year warranty if you have any problems so your get a repair or free replacement should anything be wrong.

The Cintura Tempest Exercise Bike will even calculate the calories you're burning and display calories lost on the display screen, ideal if you're following a calorie controlled diet or just like to watch your weight loss whilst you exercise.

With a heavily discounted price and free delivery there has never been a better time to buy the Cintura Tempest Exercise Bike.
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