Cintura2000 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Cintura2000 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer for Sale, with Dual Handlebars for Stepper and Elliptical Trainer.

Buy the versatile Cintura2000 Elliptical Cross Trainer which can be used as both a elliptical cross trainer and as a stepper, use the moving handlebars for the elliptical cross trainer action and the stationary handlebars for the stepper action.
Cintura2000 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, Dual Handlebars.

Dual Handlebars

Your get a very smooth elliptical and step action as the Cintura2000 Elliptical Cross Trainer has a 10kg flywheel built-in, this flywheel means moving the pedals is smooth with no jerky actions or problems like hard to start moving.

On the stationary or static handlebars used for the step machine are pulse sensors, these sensors are covered by the palms of your hands when holding the handlebars and measure the pulse in the palm of your hand, this pulse is then converted into heart rate information and displayed on the digital display.

The digital display located in front of you as you stand on the elliptical cross trainer measures the distance you have cross trained or stepped, the speed in RPM, your heart rate in BPM and your calories.

Having the Cintura2000 Elliptical Cross Trainer measure your heart rate means you can see exactly how hard you're working, not how hard you think your working but what your body is actually telling you, you can use this information to increase or reduce the difficulty of your cross training or stepping exercise programme.

The Cintura2000 Elliptical Cross Trainer has large footplates so if you have ever cross trained before and found your feet standing on the very edge of the footplate or pedals you simply won't have that problem with the Cintura2000 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Made from 1.5mm thick tubular steel that's capable of supporting a maximum users weight of 16 stone everyone in the family can safely use the Cintura 2000 without worry of being too big or too heavy.

Delivered free with a 12 month warranty.
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