Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer for Sale, the Best Selling Elliptical Trainer that's Strong, Long Lasting and features a Training Computer and Pulse Sensors.

The Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer features a training computer mounted between the handlebars, there are two handlebars making this cross trainer a dual handlebar machine, one set of handlebars the static handlebars don't move and are fixed, these handlebars let you use the cross trainer as a step machine, the moving handle bars are for using the machine as an elliptical cross trainer, on the fixed handlebars are pulse sensors which when the pulse sensors are covered by the palms of your hands measure your pulse and display this on the large screen of the training computer.
Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer, Best Selling Elliptical Trainers.

Best Selling Elliptical Trainers

The training computer features heart rate display (from the pulse sensors in the handlebars) and can even display the calories you have used whilst exercising on the elliptical trainer, if your following any kind of diet it's a great help to know how many calories you have consumed so that you can add this in to your calorie intake calculations, the digital display also shows you the amount of time you have been cross training for in minutes and seconds as well as the distance travelled in metres and kilometres.

There's a tension control knob on the front of the cross trainer which you simply turn clockwise to make it harder to cross train and turn anticlockwise to make it easier to cross train, this controls the amount of effort you must make to work the elliptical trainers up and down, more effort means a higher rate of cardio-vascular work which means more weight loss, more muscle toning etc, start with a small resistance level and increase it week on week as you get used to cross training.

Large pedals with a non-slip pattern are included and beginners will find this a real bonus as you won't have to worry exactly where to place your feet on the pedals as the pedals have side guards to hold your feet in exactly the right place.

Suitable for everyone young and old up to a maximum weight opf 18 stone.

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