Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill.

Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill for Sale, the Top of the Range Treadmill for High Performance with Vital Sign Monitoring.

Want to buy the ultimate treadmill that has everything including monitoring your vital signs then buy the Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill.
Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill, Top of the Range Treadmill.

Top of the Range Treadmill

The Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill has pulse sensors built into the handlebars of the treadmill, hold the handlebars and your palms touch on the pulse sensors, your pulse is measured and displayed on the large digital display console as a heart rate in BPM Beats Per Minute, the exercise programmes built into the Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill can also use this heart rate information to automatically adjust themselves making your exercise programme harder or easier depending on what the pulse sensors say your heart rate is doing, and at rest or not working hard heart rate and the treadmill will make the running course harder, a high heart rate and the treadmill will automatically make the running course easier, its like having your own personal trainer and your own medical staff monitoring you as you train.

Built-in speakers let you plug in your iPod or MP3 player and have music (or phone calls if you plug in your iPhone) coming out the stereo speakers, if your always finding your headphones fall out whilst jogging or you just don't like the thought of sweaty headphones in your ears then the Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill is for you.

The Fuel Fitness F80 Treadmill is a folding treadmill, the treadmill will auto fold lifting the very large running deck upwards out the way and freeing up floor space and then safely lock in position when not in use.

The display console even has built in cooling fans to cool you down as your running, there's plenty of room for cups and water bottle storage too with this deluxe treadmill.

On the handlebars you also have speed increase and speed decrease buttons so you don't have to move your hands away from the handlebars, a feature that novice treadmill users prefer as they worry they will fall off if they let go of the handlebars, there's also buttons for powered incline on the handlebars, press the up button and the treadmill angle will rise whilst you stand on the treadmill, ideal for runners and walkers who like to run up hills.
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