Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill.

Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill for Sale this Easy Folding Full Size Treadmill Folds Easily and Takes Up Little Room.

Want to buy a full size treadmill with all the power and features your need but still want a treadmill that's easy to store and won't take up much room when folded, then buy the Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill full size folding treadmill.
Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill, Easy Folding Full Size Treadmill.

Easy Folding Full Size Treadmill

The hydraulic folding system is easy to use, simply start to lift up the large running deck and the hydraulic system will take over lifting the treadmill deck into an upright position and safely locking it in the folded position, to use the treadmill simply slide the unlock lever and the hydraulic system will safely lower the treadmill running deck ready for use.

On the handlebars your fins speed increase and speed decrease buttons as well as incline increase and incline decrease buttons, that's right the Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill has powered incline, no longer will you have to mess around with manual locking of incline before you walk or run, simply select the incline you would like from the up and down incline buttons whilst the treadmill is moving and the large running deck will automatically rise or lower to give you the hill that you want to walk or run on.

The digital display even comes with two large drinks holders and a reading holder to hold your book or magazine whilst you run, no need to get bored running or walking when you can hold your favourite book or magazine in place and read whilst you walk or run.

Capable of carrying a walker or a runner up to 21 stone in weight it's the perfect treadmill to use for losing weight and getting fit, the heart rate sensors built into the treadmill will monitor your vital signs whilst you run and the built in exercise programmes will adjust themselves to take account of your vital signs keeping you exercised and losing weight yet safe.

You get a 5 years warranty on the Fuel Fitness FT8 Treadmill as well as free delivery and reduced price.
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