IronMan 3 Station Multigym.

IronMan 3 Station Multigym for sale, the Home Multigym and Weights with Abs, Leg, Chest, Lat and Rower Stations.

If you're looking for a comprehensive multigym that's as good as a full size gym with everything you could possibly need in one place then buy the IronMan 3 Station Multigym, the home multigym is called a 3 station multigym because it has 3 main categories of exercise machine.
IronMan 3 Station Multigym, Home Multigym and Weights.

Home Multigym and Weights

With the IronMan 3 Station Multigym you get 150lbs of weights included absolutely free of charge, even the delivery is free so you don't have to worry about having to pay extra for heavy items.

You get an ab station for building up your ab muscles (abductor muscles), a leg extension station, a lat pull down bar (lateral pull down bat) with rest station (seat), a chest station capable of straight press, butterfly press and shoulder press, a leg extension bar with ankle strap which is widely used by swimmers for side kicks and to improve the strength of their legs, there's a chain rower too for rowing exercises and bicep extensions.

All these different exercise stations are all combined into the one home multigym and all use the same weight stack (which is supplied full of weights at no extra charge).

Your be pleasantly surprised to see a full dedicated leg press as these are not normally incorporated into multigyms but the IronMan 3 Station Multigym is an exception that sets itself above other less able home multigyms.

You also get leg raise and leg dip bars again not normally found in a home gym but included on the IronMan 3 Station Multigym for completeness and to give you as much machine for your money as possible.
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