IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym.

IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym for Sale, the Top of the Range Home Multigym with Weights Included and Delivery Free.

If you want the same results as going to the gym everyday then your going to need a home multigym that offers the greatest number of exercise machines that have been combined into the one home multigym and that's the IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym.
IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym, Top of the Range Home Multigym.

Top of the Range Home Multigym

Supplied with 150lbs of weights already on the weight stack ready for your to uise this is the most complete home multigym available and delivery is free too so you don't have to worry about any delivery costs.

You get an Ab station (abductor muscles or abs), a removable padded armrest for bicep curls, a leg extension station, a lat (lateral) pulldown bar with rest (seat), a chest exercise station that can do straight chest press, butterfly press, shoulder press, butterfly press and more.

You also get a leg extension bar and ankle strap with is proving popular with swimmers who want to do side kicks and build up leg muscle.

There's also a chain rower for rowing or bicep exercises.

With the pulldown bar you can do front lat puldowns, rear lat pulldowns, assisted crunches for those abductor muscles as well as triceps extensions.

Leg raise and leg dip bars are also included which gives you a massive range of exercises all from the one machine.

If you're looking to bodybuild, tone or strengthen your body this is the ideal home multigym for men and women.

All the weight are available to any exercise machine without the need for time consuming setting up .

Supplied flat packed for home assembly, where assembly should take one hour, the instructions have plenty of drawings and are easy to follow and written by a native English speaker so you don't have to worry about misunderstanding.

Delivered free of charge even the cost of sending the weights, supplied with a one year warranty.
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