IronMan Multigym.

IronMan Multigym for Sale, the Home Multigym with Weights Included.

If you want to strength train at home then you need a piece of equipment that can work all you muscle groups, you could go and buy lots of different pieces of strength training equipment but think of the expense and the space you would need to store all that equipment, multigyms are one single piece of equipment that is a combination of all those separate pieces of equipment, multigyms are much cheaper than the separate pieces of exercise equipment and take up much less room too.
IronMan Multigym, Home Multigym.

Home Multigym

With the IronMan Home Gym you get a full weight stack included at no extra charge, some companies make you buy the weights separately, delivery is free too so you don't have to worry about the cost of delivery, with the IronMan Home Gym you get 68kg of weight to use, don't worry you don't have to try and lift all of that in one go, the weight comes in 15lb increments.

On this home multigym you get a pulldown bar for strength training your neck and shoulders, you can do front lat pulldowns and rear lat pulldowns as well as assisted crunches to get great abs and triceps extensions too.

You also get a chest section included that has a butterfly chest press as well as a straight chest press and shoulder press.

Unusually for home multigyms the IronMan Multigym also includes a very comprehensive leg station which lets you do leg curls and leg extensions, there's also an ankle strap for sidekicks, your find the ankle strap is very important for swimmers looking to build up muscle strength in their legs.

There's also a lower chair rowing machine for rowing exercises, shrugs and curls.

Delivered free of charge with a one year warranty in the event you have any problems.
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