Marcy Home Gym Package.

Marcy Home Gym Package includes Exercise Bike, Elliptical Cross Trainer and Rowing Machine the 3 Home Exercise Machine Deal.

Looking to create your own mini gym then get an exercise machine package like the Marcy Home Gym Package which includes the 3 home exercise machines you'll need to cover all exercised areas you get a Marcy Exercise Bike a Marcy Elliptical Cross Trainer and a Marcy Rowing Machine and because these 3 home exercise machines are from the same family they all operate the same way when you have used one digital display or adjusted one resistance level your find the procedure exactly the same on all the other pieces of fitness equipment.
Marcy Home Gym Package, Exercise Bike, Elliptical Cross Trainer and Rowing Machine.

Exercise Bike, Elliptical Cross Trainer and Rowing Machine, 3 Home Exercise Machine Deal

This Marcy exercise equipment collection all look the same they are all smart and well designed with silver body work and black highlights the body is silver and the seat, handlebars and pedals are black the machines look good and definitely go together.

All 3 machines use magnetic resistance this is a very quiet resistance system that controls how hard it is to pedal, cross train and row the mechanism makes no noise so all 3 machines can be used whilst you're watching television and you and the other members of your family won't be disturbed magnetic resistance systems are electronic and have few mechanical parts so they last many years longer than their mechanical counterparts.

The Marcy rowing machine is a folding rower, lift the long aluminium bar upwards and the long beam will lift up off the floor where it is taking up space and lock into a vertical position so your have more space in the room, all 3 items of Marcy exercise equipment have transport wheels on the bottom where lifting one end of the exercise equipment up causes the transport wheels to touch the floor so you can wheel the exercise equipment along into the middle of the room for use or into another room for storage.

The Marcy exercise equipment is delivered free of charge and comes with a one year warranty.
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