Marcy Magnetic Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike Package.

Marcy Magnetic Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike Package the Two Home Exercise Machine Deal for Complete Home Fitness.

The Marcy Magnetic Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike Package is a deal where you get two great Marcy home exercise machines at a reduced price the Marcy cross trainer and Marcy exercise bike complement each other perfectly after all cross trainer and exercise bikes are the two most common types of home exercise equipment and they are both great cardio vascular exercise machines designed to get the arms and legs moving so we can all get that 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise that the doctors recommend we need to stay healthy.
Marcy Magnetic Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike Package, Two Home Exercise Machine Deal.

Two Home Exercise Machine Deal, Complete Home Fitness

Both machines are silver in colour with black detailing on the body, handlebars soft touch grips and foot rests the exercise bike has 8 levels of magnetic resistance with a easy turn magnetic resistance dial, located just below the handlebars and easy to reach when your cycling, there's no need to stop cycling or pedal backwards when you want to change resistance just go ahead and change resistance at any time no matter how hard your cycling, the resistance is used to make it harder or easier to pedal.

The cross trainer features two handlebars for a full body workout you can use the fixed handlebars to work on your legs and the moving handlebars to work on all your body legs, shoulders and arms.

The exercise bike seat is wide and padded and adjusts both upwards and downwards you don't need any tools to adjust the height of the seat as it features a quick tighten hand wheel.

On the elliptical trainer there's pulse sensors built into the soft grip handlebars and on the exercise bike there's foot straps on the pedals the digital display unit shows the time you have been cycling or elliptical cross training as well as calories you have used whilst exercising which makes it easy to know how many calories you have used if your following a calorie controlled diet the distance cycled or cross trained shows you the distance you would have travelled if these machines where not home exercise machines that did not move and the pulse rate shows you your pulse as measured ion the handlebar pulse sensors which will alarm on too high and too low heart rate.
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