Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer for Sale, the Strong Cross Trainer that's Long Lasting and Hard Wearing.

The Powertech Hurricane Cross Trainer is for sale at a best selling price, heavily discounted and with free delivery the Powertech Hurricane Cross Trainer is a very strong, very well mad cross trainer of the highest quality, in fact so you know how strong it is users with a maximum weight of 24 stone can use the cross trainer and feel safe, sturdy and protected.
Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, Strong Cross Trainer.

Strong Cross Trainer

The Powertech Hurricane Cross Trainer is designed for use in the home and comes with a digital display console that measures everything from the time you have been cross training in hours, minutes and seconds, your speed in rpm (revolutions per minute), the distance travelled in km (kilometres), the calories you have burned in kilo-calories, the power you would be generating (if you where hooked up to a light bulb), in watts and your heart rate in bpm (beats per minute).

12 exercise programmes are built into the Powertech cross trainer from exercise programmes to help you lose weight, increase your metabolism, tone and firm your legs, increase your endurance, intense workout programmes and many more.

Your heart rate is measured by pulse sensors in the handlebars which measure your pulse and relay this information to the computer console as a heart rate measurement, the pulse sensors are also resistance sensors capable of measuring and displaying your BMI (Body Mass Index), on the digital display, this shows you how much body fat you have or how fat your are, watch this reading over the weeks you cross train and your see your fat levels reduce, its a great way to stay motivated knowing that each week the digital display shows a reduced BMI.

With 16 levels of magnetic resistance all fully adjustable from the display console and a calorie counter which will prove very useful to anyone on a calorie controlled diet wanting to see how many calories they are losing through exercise.

Delivered free of charge with one years warranty.
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