Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance.

Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance for Sale this Full Featured, Best Selling Exercise Bike has a 6 Function Computer.

Want to buy an exercise bike that has it all and that's proved itself to be a best seller then buy the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike which comes with free delivery and 12 months free warranty, now with lower price.
Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance, Full Featured, Best Selling.

Full Featured, Best Selling

You get a very smooth ride on the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike, just like cycling a real bike thanks to the heavy duty flywheel inside the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike.

Handle bar pulse sensors measure your vital signs and report them back to the digital display where you can see your heart rate displayed on screen, these same sensors will also calculate your body fat and display this on screen as a BMI Body Mass Index number, for a great way to stay motivated check your body fat level after each exercise session and over time your see your body fat reduce, instant feedback on the important aspects of exercise.

The resistance system used to provide the different effort levels that you cycle against is magnetic resistance, magnetic resistance systems are totally silent so if you want to exercise at home early in the morning or late at night you won't wake anyone, another advantage of magnetic resistance systems is that they have few moving parts so there's much less to go wrong with the Powertech Pegasus Exercise Bike and your have years of trouble free exercise.

The 6 function exercise computer contains personalised exercise programmes, simply select the cycling programme you would like to use, lose weight, tone legs, keep fit, cycle race etc.

Large pedals mean your feet won't ever slip off the pedals and your feel safe and in control no matter how fast or slow you like to cycle, there's 16 different effort levels to choose from so start easy if your not used to cycling and work up to the higher exercise levels as your fitness improves.
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