Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance.

Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance for Sale, the Folding Rowing Machine with Easy Storage for the Home Rower.

Looking to buy a rowing machine for home use but don't think your have the room at home, then buy the Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine, its a folding rowing machine that when folded won't take up any more room in your cupboard than your vacuum cleaner.
Red Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine with Magnetic Resistance, Folding Rowing Machine.

Folding Rowing Machine

The Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine is a beautiful silver in colour with red highlights around the casing, the long rowing machine track is made from aluminium, which is extremely lightweight and smooth making for rowing with very little resistance and no sticking or jerky movements, of course there is a resistance knob just below the digital display in front of you which has 8 levels of resistance tom choose from, this adjusts how hard or easy your find the rowing.

There's a large comfortable seat that really makes rowing fun no more will you be sat on a knife edge enduring your rowing session, when your sitting comfortably you can actually enjoy rowing.

The footplates are moving footplates not fixed like some rowing machines, with moving footplates your feet tilt backwards and forwards as you move this prevents ankle strain because your moving your feet and not forcing your ankles to do all the bending movements which can cause sprain or injury.

The footplates are large and have a foot strap so you can strap your feet to the footplates if you prefer, you don't have to use the foot strap if you don't wish too, but its included on the pedal for those that do.

Fold the long aluminium bar upwards and your rowing machine will take up no more room than the Hoover or vacuum cleaner under the stairs.

The price of the Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine gas been reduced and you get free delivery and a 12 month warranty.
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