Reebok i-Bike i Series CV Range Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Reebok i-Bike i Series CV Range Magnetic Exercise Bike for Sale, the White Exercise Bike for Home Use with Free Delivery and 2 Year Warranty.

The Reebok iBike is a strong exercise bike that can be used by anyone up to 18 stone in weight, the stylish design in white will fit any home and the advanced yet easy to use features will help you get the most out of your exercise bike whether your new to exercise bikes or a veteran.
Reebok i-Bike i Series CV Range Magnetic Exercise Bike, White Exercise Bike.

White Exercise Bike

The large padded seat is comfortable to sit on and makes the exercise bike a joy to use as you not desperate to get off the bike all the time.

There's a large easy to use digital display in the middle of the handlebars, on the digital display are readings for current speed, distance travelled, calorie consumption and heart rate, the handle bars contain a sensor which your hands cover when your holding the handlebars, the sensor records your pulse and calculates your heart rate ijn BPM (Beats Per Minute) which is then displayed on the digital display, you can use your heart rate to judge when your working too hard or not working hard enough, over time as your fitness levels improve your notice your heart rate maintain more of a steady rate.

The large seat can be adjusted for height up and down as well as horizontal adjustment to bring the seat closer or further away from the handlebars, if your big your want the handlebars to be further away from the seat and if your small your want the handlebars to be closer tom the seat.

The Reebok iBike is ideal for the overweight looking to lose some weight and get fit with its maximum user weight of 18 stone, heart rate sensors and calorie counter which records how many calories your actually burning whilst you exercise.
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