Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer the Best Reebok Cross Trainer with 2 Year Warrenty.

The Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer has a very stylish and modern look about it and with a high gloss finish looks like it should have cost twice the price.
Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer, Best Reebok Cross Trainer.

Best Reebok Cross Trainer

The Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer has advanced features that you would normally only find on a elliptical cross trainer costing twice as much money.

With the unique electronically controlled resistance system the exercise programmes built into the console computer can automatically adjust the resistance of the cross trainer even whilst running exercise programmes so you get a far more realistic exercise programme as you cross train over different terrain with different resistance levels.

There's a user programmable exercise programme which is the 'design your own course' exercise where you specify the exact exercise programme, how fast you should be exercising and over what time period and with how much resistance, once you have your own personalised exercise programme saved you can recall the program on the cross trainer and continue cross training where you left off.

With a stride length of 15 feet anyone up to 6 feet in height can use the cross trainer without bashing their feet on the front of the cross trainer because your stride length and your legs are too long.

A 6kg flywheel is built-in to the cross trainer which has an effective mass of 20kg making your cross training smooth and graceful.

The digital display is courtesy of a large screen.

The footplates are also adjustable so you won't get sore or injured legs like you can with other makes of cross trainer.

If the floor in your home is not level, don't worry the Reebok iTrainer SE Elliptical Cross Trainer has height adjusters called leg levellers which make sure that even on bumpy ground the cross trainer is safe and secure.

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