Spirit Fitness SB700 Racing Exercise Bike.

Spirit Fitness SB700 Racing Exercise Bike for Sale, the Indoor Racing Bike and Spinning Cycle.

Looking to buy a professional spinning bike just like you have used at the gym then buy the Spirit Fitness SB700 Racing Exercise Bike for indoor racing and spinning fun.
Spirit Fitness SB700 Racing Exercise Bike, Indoor Racing Bike.

Indoor Racing Bike

Designed to be used in punishing environments like gyms, leisure centres, office gyms and in the home for those people who like to give it their all and cycle as hard as they can, with indoor cycling you don't get wet in the rain, cold in the snow or too hot in the summer.

The main body of the indoor racing bike is forged from steel and comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers Spirit Fitness so any problems and your get free repairs or replacements.

A 22kg flywheel at the front of the spinning bike makes for a very smooth ride where you can really get some speed up, the large bracket feet ensures the indoor bike sits solid on the floor whether its wood, tiles, carpet, lino or concrete.

Unusually both the handlebars and the seat can be adjusted for height and reach (backwards and forwards), so your be able to get the perfect position not only in how high you want the seat and handlebars but in the distance you want the seat and handlebars apart, ideal for people with short or long arms who find that normal exercise bikes just don't have the adjustment they are looking for in order to sit and exercise comfortably.

Your feet are firmly held on the pedals with toe clips and SPD cleats, these are attachments that connect to special spinning bike shoes to hold your feet firmly on the pedals, use of the SPD cleats is optional you can of course cycle in normal trainers, the professional option is there already included in the price if you need it.

There's an emergency stop button on the cross member of the bike, between your legs so it's easy to stop in a hurry if need be.

The Spirit Fitness SB700 Indoor Racing Exercise Bike has a heavily discounted price and free delivery plus a 10 year warranty.

The Spirit Fitness SB700 Racing Exercise Bike uses SPD cleats that's Shimano Pedalling Dynamics made by the Shimano company (very well known for top quality performance bike parts) the cleat is a small attachment that you secure to special SPD shoes, the SPD cleat fits into a recess in the special shoes so you can still walk with the cleat attached (other makes of cleats stick out off the sole of the shoe so you can't walk with the cleat attached).

If your wearing SPD compatible shoes you can simply clip your shoes onto the pedals of the Spirit Fitness SB700 Racing Exercise Bike the advantage being that your feet cannot slip off the pedals when your shoes have been attached to the pedals with cleats, the Spirit Fitness SB700 Racing Bike has toe clips too so if you don't have SPD compatible shoes then you can use the toe clips to hold your feet on the pedals instead.

The saddle and handlebars are also adjustable not only for height but reach too that's where the saddle can be moved closer or further away from the handlebars to accommodate longer arms or longer legs of just because you like a specific position the saddle and handlebars are easily adjusted without any tools as they use the v-block friction locking system.

The racing bike comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and ten years parts and labour warranty and one year onsite warranty when used in the home and because this is also a commercial grade racing bike and can be used in professional gyms and fitness centres there's a separate lifetime warranty and two years parts warranty and one year onsite warranty for commercial businesses.

The Spirit SB700 indoor racing bike is strong with a frame made from single process forged steel which will support a maximum rider weight of 21 stone.
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