Tahiti Maternity Massage Table.

Tahiti Maternity Massage Table for Sale, a Safe Massage for Pregnant Mums who want a Massage while Pregnant.

Buy the luxurious cream massage table that's the only table designed to be used whilst pregnant, removable chest and stomach sections of the table allow you to lie completely flat without causing baby and problems and without pressing the table on your tummy or your boobs.
Tahiti Maternity Massage Table, Safe Massage for Pregnant Mums.

Safe Massage for Pregnant Mums

Included is a face cradle that's detachable so you don't have to use it if you don't want too.

This is a folding massage table so you can fold the table in half, then the two halves of the table become the carrying case, a very elegant folding design, the lightweight frame and legs are made of beech wood which is strong yet weighs little, with a maximum user weight of 38 stone the table is strong enough for even the heaviest person and will provide a feeling of luxury, safety and comfort to all.

The cream coloured massage table is finished in PU leather which looks very smart, the surface is wipe clean too so it's very easy to care for.

The removable sections for the tummy and boobs can be replaced so after pregnancy the table can be used as a standard massage table.

The massage table is fully height adjustable so will easily accommodate different height massage therapists either highering or lowering the massage table to a good working height for the massage therapist.

Buy the pregnancy massage table for home use then either have a friend or your partner massage you or invite a mobile massage therapist to visit your home, alternatively as the pregnancy massage table folds put the massage table in the boot of your car and take it with you to the massage centre.

Delivery is free and the price of this massage table has recently been lowered so now is the best time to buy, you get one years guarantee too.
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