Tahiti Ruby Cream Massage Chair.

Tahiti Ruby Cream Massage Chair for Sale, the Pregnancy Massage Chair for Pregnant Mums and Overweight, the Safe Alternative to Couch.

Pregnant or overweight, suffering with a bad back, aches and pains, tired aching feet, aching shoulders, sore legs then you need a massage, but a normal massage chair or massage couch isn't possible because of baby or being overweight, then use a massage chair, these comfortable massage chairs have inches of memory foam making them soft and comfortable, everything is adjustable, there's a face cradle, you can kneel on the massage chair with the kneeling pads included or sit forwards or sit backwards, whatever is the most comfortable position for you.
Tahiti Ruby Cream Massage Chair, Pregnancy Massage Chair.

Pregnancy Massage Chair

Buy your massage chair for your own home, invite a mobile massage therapist to visit and massage you in your own home or ask a friend or partner to massage you on your massage chair, the massage chair is very lightweight and can be easily carried or put in the boot of your car if you want to take the massage chair to your massage spa or treatment centre.

With free next day delivery you can be aching today and enjoying a lovely massage in the comfort of your own home tomorrow.

With a maximum user weight of 55 stone everyone can enjoy a massage in the massage chair no matter how heavy or big you are, if you're overweight or obese you too can enjoy the benefits of massage safely without having to climb onto a massage table.

The massage chair has a luxury PU leather coating which not only looks stunning and very luxurious fitting into any home, but it's also easy to clean too, just wipe away stains and spills with a damp cloth, it's easy to wipe away massage oils.

Delivered next day for free and supplied with a one year guarantee.
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