Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table.

Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table for Sale, the Cheap Massage Table with PVC Leather Covering, Strong Wooden Frame, Folding Legs and Carry Case.

Looking to buy a cheap massage table for your massage course or just want a proper massage table at home but don't want to spend a lot of money, then buy the Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table which is available at a super low price, comes with free delivery, free one year warranty and free folding massage table carry bag.
Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table, Cheap Massage Table.

Cheap Massage Table

With a maximum massage client weight of 38 stone the strong wooden frame of the Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table will keep your clients safe and secure whilst they have a massage, then after massage, simply fold the table in half and you can easily transport the table around, it's great for home use too as when you fold the legs and table the massage table becomes really small and can be stored under a bed or behind the sofa or behind a door until needed again.

There's a face bung hole in the table, simply remove the face bung and the client can rest their head over the hole and when you don't need the face hole simply insert the bung back into the table.

The strong frame and legs are made from beautiful and high quality beech wood that will last for many years to come, the massage table covering is a very good looking PVC leather available in black or cream white which is wipe clean, so any oils or creams simply wipe off with warm water and a cloth.

With over 1.5 inches of thick high density foam the massage table feels very comfortable even for extended massage, you can adjust the table height either higher or lower so you're always at the right height for your massage clients, so you're not straining to reach clients too high up of giving yourself sore arms and aching back from working too low down.
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