Tahiti Twilight Massage Table.

Tahiti Twilight Massage Table for Sale, a perfect Massage Student Table to Learn Massage at Home.

If you're on a tight budget your love this portable massage table, whilst it's budget priced there's everything is very well specified with luxury PU black leather, inches of memory foam, a folding design where the massage table actually folds in upon itself to make a suitcase carrier.
Tahiti Twilight Massage Table, Massage Student Table.

Massage Student Table

Ideal for massage students and anyone wanting their own cheap massage table, it's great for mobile massage therapists as they can easily carry the folding massage table with them and keep the table on the back seat or in the boot of their car when transporting it, then when at the clients house its lightweight to carry and quick to assemble.

For those wanting their own massage table at home to learn massage or just to ask a friend or partner for a massage, then what better way than to have your own table at home, the luxury PU leather looks good and is functional too as its quick and easy to wipe down.

With a maximum user weight of 38 stone everyone can use this massage table from the lightest to the heaviest pregnant or obese, everyone can feel safe and secure using the Tahiti Twilight Massage Table.

The Tahiti Twilight Massage Table is portable, the table folds in half and forms its own carry case, very easy to use and very convenient, the face cradle and side arms are removable and can be stored under the table (attached to the table) when the table is in use and stored in the carry case when the table is folded.

The height of the table is easy to adjust with easy to turn hand wheels used to select the height you want for the table, whatever height the massage therapist is the table will always be at the right height.

With a heavily discounted price, free delivery and a one year warranty there has never been a better time to buy the Tahiti Twilight Massage Table.
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