Tahiti White Therapist Stool.

Tahiti White Therapist Stool for Sale or Bedroom Stool it's a Folding, 4 Leg Stool with PU Cream Leather.

This therapist stool can be used by massage therapists and beauty therapists as well as in the bedroom at home, it's a luxury PU leather stool that will look good in any home.
Tahiti White Therapist Stool, Bedroom Stool.

Bedroom Stool

The therapist can use the stool to sit on whilst they massage a client or put the clients feet or hands on the stool, the luxury high density foam is inches thick and very comfortable, you can massage hands and feet whilst they rest them on the stool or you can do manicures and pedicures whilst they rest hands and feet on the stool.

At home the therapist stool makes a great beauty stool in front of the mirror whilst you do your hair or makeup.

Made from high quality maple wood the frame and legs fold for easy carrying, its lightweight too and when folded can easily be stored under a bed or in a wardrobe.

The therapist stool has a feet board that you can rest your feet on whilst you sit in the stool or just put your feet on the floor if you prefer, the high density foam padding in the seat makes for a very comfortable seat that stays comfortable even after an extended period of time sat on the seat.

If you work in a beauty salon and want to offer neck massages a therapist stool like this is the best way to do it, the stools are cheap, fold away when not in use and don't give the expectation of full body massages in privacy.

This therapist stool has been heavily reduced in price and comes with free next day delivery and one years warranty.

Its worth noting that the free delivery is not some standard delivery that will take weeks to arrive, its free nest day delivery, so order today and you will be sitting on your therapist stool tomorrow.
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