V-Fit Magnetic 2-In-1 Cycle Elliptical Trainer.

V-Fit Magnetic 2-In-1 Cycle Elliptical Trainer the Cross Trainer and Bicycle Combined and Elliptical Trainer With Seat.

Get two pieces of home exercise equipment for the price of one with the V-Fit 2-In-1 Elliptical Cycle, these machines combine an elliptical cross trainer with a exercise bike so you can save space in your home as well as money and if your not sure which you like better exercise bikes or cross trainers now you don't have to choose as you can have both.
V-Fit Magnetic 2-In-1 Cycle Elliptical Trainer, Cross Trainer and Bicycle Combined.

Cross Trainer and Bicycle Combined, Elliptical Trainer With Seat

The elliptical trainer has dual handlebars and pedals just like a normal elliptical trainer but there's also the addition of a seat so if you like you can sit down on the seat, work the pedals with your feet whilst you sit down and work the elliptical handlebars with your arms, of course if you prefer you don't have to move the handlebars you can just pedal.

With a combined elliptical cross trainer and exercise bike which is called an elliptical bike there's more exercise options, stand on the elliptical trainer pedals and hold the fixed handlebars for a step action exercise and work your lower body legs, thighs, hips, calves and tummy to reduce fat, shape and tone your body, hold the moving handlebars to also work your arms, shoulders and chest or sit on the seat and just work the pedals or just use the elliptical handlebars.

Depending on how energetic your feeling and what parts of the body you want to exercise your find there's more choice on an elliptical cycle than a cross trainer on its own or an exercise cycle on its own and as well as mix and matching exercises from the two machines you can of course use the machines separately as an elliptical cross trainer or as a exercise cycle.
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