WeightMaster Bench Gym.

WeightMaster Bench Gym for sale, the Super Bench Gym with Multigym Combined has 5 Strength and Muscle Workout Machines In One.

Buying a weight bench or bench press then why not buy a bench gym it's a weight bench and bench press with so much more, not only do you get a weight bench (large bench which you can sit on or lie down on and do strength training exercises), you also get a bench press (weight bench with locking rests to hold the weights between repetitions), but you also get a mini multigym with additional muscle and strength building machines combined into the one bench gym.
WeightMaster Bench Gym, Super Bench Gym with Multigym Combined.

Super Bench Gym with Multigym Combined

The muscle and strength training machines included in the WeightMaster Bench Gym are a chest press with butterfly bars and a lat pull down bar for building up your shoulders and arms as well as building up your abs doing assisted crunches on the pull down bar, you also get a bench press with locking weight rests, the great advantage of locking weight rests is that you don't have to put your weights away simply leave them on the bench press locked to the rest, the weights can't fall off and injure anyone or damage anything and you don't have to waste time setting up the next time you want to do some reps.

So you can get the most out of your bench gym, the seat backrest moves from flat to upright and 7 positions in between as your want to adjust the backrest to upright for pushing back on the chest press, to completely flat for using the lat pull down bar where you want a big area to sit on.

Also included is a armrest for bicep curls and preacher curls as well as a leg station for leg extensions.

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