York X102 Elliptical Trainer.

York X102 Elliptical Trainer with Adjustable Pedal Height and Heart Rate Control.

The York X102 Elliptical Trainer has adjustable pedal height so if you find your too high up or don't like heights then you can easily lower the height of the pedals and if you live in a house with low ceilings like an attic room or a cottage then being able to lower the pedal height so you don't bang your head on the ceiling is essential and with heart rate control your pulse is measured and used to automatically adjust how heard your working to keep you safe and keep you in the fat burning zone.
York X102 Elliptical Trainer, Adjustable Pedal Height.

Adjustable Pedal Height, Heart Rate Control

On the central leg of the elliptical trainer right in front of you when your standing on the trainer is a resistance knob turn this to increase or decrease the resistance that's how hard it is to move the pedals up and down you can adjust the resistance when your exercising as you don't need to stop first and even when your using an automatic exercise programme adjusting the resistance knob will override the exercise programme so you can always make your exercise easier or harder there are 8 levels of electronic magnetic resistance.

Electronic magnetic resistance e can be adjusted by you manually from the control knob and automatically by the exercise programmes built into the cross trainer so for example if you choose heart rate control programmes your pulse rate will be monitored by sensors in the handlebars and your hearty rate calculated which is then used to automatically adjust the resistance (how hard it is to move the pedals up and down) to keep you in the fat burning zone and monitor your heart rate for safety, the digital display will warn you if your heart rate goes too high or too low.
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